Your Neighbor, Tina McMillan


Tina and chair

Novato has been Tina McMillan’s home for 36 years. She is yourneighbor, deeply-rooted in the community as a wife and mother, small business owner, gardener, and environmentalist. Tina has been active in local politics, especially about education, land use, transportation, and balance between development and the environment.

As a family, the McMillans believe in local business and public service. Tina’s husband of 33 years, Peter, has had two bookshops in Old Town and is a volunteer at Book Place and Novato Chess Club. Tina is on the five-member board of the Novato Community Garden. They have spent the past year collaborating with Park and Rec and Public Works to create a Community Garden for Novato residents.

Here is one thing Tina knows very well: When we talk about water conservation habits, we must reach men and women. Women are the family members who wear many hats. They know if their kids brush their teeth with the water on or off. When it comes time to replace a dishwasher or washing machine, or buy new fixtures, women are often in charge of the practical decisions about water conservation.

Tina has participated in city-based and community projects, including:

  • As a volunteer for the 2012-13 North Bay Educational Foundation Charter School project with a focus on Special Education
  • As a participant in the Downtown Charrettes for the General Plan Update from 2014-2016
  • As a stakeholder in the 2015 Novato Community-based Transportation Plan
  • As a board member of the Novato Live Well Network Community Garden beginning in 2017
  • As a student in the 2018 Novato Planning Class
  • As a community member who attends Neighborhood, Commission, and City Council Meetings to understand and provide feedback about local projects

Tina's Garden
Tina believes in a small ecological footprint. Economic development works best when balanced with environmental preservation. Tina grew up learning to reuse and recycle as part of daily life, to conserve energy, to avoid waste, and to respect the natural environment. She believes that conservation is common sense. That is why the landscape at her home features native and drought-tolerant plants.

Tina McMillan is the candidate who will seek out and listen to district customers. Their questions and concerns are the board’s questions and concerns. Tina wants to see increased community outreach using social media such as Nextdoor and Facebook and providing newsletters via electronic mail.

Tina’s 30-year history as a Novato small business owner, bookkeeper and manager of family finances allows her to analyze financial data, read budgets and make relevant inquiries.  North Marin Water District is an Enterprise Fund, which means it derives almost all of its revenue from water sales.

As mandatory conservation demands reductions in water use, the cost of water to district customers will continue to increase. In addition to revenue derived from water sales, the district can apply for State and Federal grants that will reduce the financial burden on ratepayers. In 2016-17, Caltrans Contributions and Grant Proceeds made up 28% of the revenue of the district. In 2018-19, the revenue of our district is almost entirely dependent on ratepayers.

As a board member, Tina will balance the highly specialized all-male board with the point of view of a consumer advocate who understands the state water crisis and the needs of district customers and voters. Tina McMillan is the candidate who will remain engaged with the community while working collaboratively with the board and the staff of the North Marin Water District.