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“I highly recommend Tina McMillan as a Board Director for the North Marin Water District. A long-time resident of Novato, Tina is very resourceful, diligent, and knowledgeable on so many issues regarding the City of Novato. Tina McMillan does her homework before making any decisions. I'm confident she would be a valuable asset to the North Marin Water District. Please vote for Tina McMillan in November.”
- Bertie Freeberg

"I think Tina McMillan will be an excellent choice for a position on NMWB. She is painstaking and diligent in her research and is able to give attention to the fine detail that would be missed by many. She is also a good communicator and uses the skills she has honed in her professional life to be a superb listener. She is able to see many sides of a situation and remain gracious with her colleagues. Tina McMillan is a problem solver and is always able to see the way forward."
– Sandy Turner Parry

“There's no doubt that Tina will do more than her due diligence on important issues and effectively communicate with all her constituents.”
- Michelle Derviss

“I support Tina McMillan 100% for the NMWD. She is thoughtful and analytic, and always tries to examine all aspects of an issue. She is exactly what we need to address the water issues of the future.”
- Al Dugan

“I fully support Tina McMillan for a board seat on the North Marin Water District (NMWD). Tina is one of the smartest, hard working and diligent people I know. She always does her research and wants to hear everyone's point of view to make a final decision. She will be a world class representative for water users serviced by NMWD..”
- Trish Boorstein

“When elected, Tina McMillan would be the second woman ever to serve on the NMWD Board. She's smart, articulate, well read and brings much needed diversity to the board.”
- Toni Shroyer