Tina’s Message

I am running for the board of the North Marin Water District to create policies that safeguard our most essential resource – water.

Years of drought have made water conservation an everyday necessity in Novato and the rest of California. Protection of our watershed is essential, as is proportional water use by commercial agriculture, farm, home, and businesses.

To find balance with these conditions, my priorities include:Night image

  • Listening to consumers and voters
  • Focusing on conservation through programs that:
    • upgrade fixtures and appliances
    • explore rain water catchment and gray water systems, and
    • provide rebates to consumers
  • Planning that preserves the watershed
  • Promoting a common-sense partnership between business and conservation
  • Keeping the North Marin Water District facilities and infrastructure in excellent operating condition
  • Emphasizing customer service
  • Maintaining reasonable rates
  • Attracting and retaining experienced district staff and employees
  • Promoting new projects, such as the Advanced Meter Information System which tracks daily water use
  • Planning for emergencies – fire, flood, earthquake, and drought
  • Ensuring sound fiscal planning in the present and the future
  • Emphasizing 21st-century community outreach.

Serving on the water board will allow me to help shape policies that emphasize public engagement and provide consumers with easy-to-understand information about water costs. I envision a partnership among the community, local and regional agencies, district staff, and NMWD board members.

As California continues to tackle a state-wide water crisis, impacted by years of below-average rainfall, our State will soon mandate greater reduction of home and business water use.

Novato is already supplying treated wastewater to golf courses, playing fields, and large landscapes such as the Fireman’s Fund property. By the end of 2018, many Novato customers will have Advanced Meter Information Systems installed so that they can track the time and the amount of their water use.

I support North Marin Water District leading our Novato and West Marin communities in conservation planning through innovation, education, and outreach. I greatly appreciate your vote for me as NMWD Board Director.